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The orientation of the questions very often follows the movement which consists in starting from general elements to go towards narrower, more pointed fields of analysis. Such an orientation must help the candidate to organize himself in his preparatory work because, in no case, it will not be a question of answering questions without a net. As part of the preparation of questions, during the rereading of the text, we can therefore quickly diagram its operation in the form of a plan by highlighting the logical articulations between ideas or arguments. To save time, you can browse this site. After putting the main ideas and their sequence forward, we will summarize the main idea of ​​the text in two or three sentences, setting the objective to highlight two pieces of information: what is the general question posed by the text and what answer is brought to this question by the author. The preparatory work should not exceed ten minutes. Once this work is completed, once the overall vision has been acquired, we can move on to questions.